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Construction Staking
BCS performs staking and layout services for complex development projects for all manner of improvements including utilities, grading, foundations, structural steel, structural concrete, landscape, hardscape and more.
Professional Measurement
BCS innovates creative, accurate and precise measurement solutions for complex projects, including retrofitting projects for ship-to-shore and gantry cranes, bridges, automated vehicles, roller coasters and industrial machinery.
Topographic Mapping
BCS performs precise land-based, aerial and water-based mapping using Total Station Instrumentation, Aerial mapping Drones, and lead-line soundings.
Specialty Surveys
BCS has niche experience in the following supporting survey services: Marine Construction, Pile Driving, Rail Certifications, Shoring and Building Monitoring, Quantity Mapping, Scanning, Amusement Park Ride Construction.
As-Built Surveys and Certifications
BCS performs surveys of constructed works, including utilities, graded pads, foundations, rail, and more.
Calculations and Design Support
BCS has an experienced CAD team to support the field crew’s work and your project needs such as reports, exhibits, and maps.
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Bill Carr Surveys strives to be the first choice surveyor for any professional measurement needs in the Southern California construction market. We provide accurate construction staking and mapping services using the best suited technologies in a timely, efficient way to help our clients achieve their project development goals.

"In all of our projects, Bill Carr Surveys has consistently performed their work in a professional manner; they were responsive to the project needs and they always provided quality work. CPC highly recommends Bill Carr Surveys without hesitation."
-   Connolly-Pacific Co.
"I have worked with Bill Carr Surveys on 3 separate projects. I would not hesitate to hire Bill Carr Surveys for any project I was involved with."
-   Dutra Dredging
"BCS is a highly reputable and established survey firm with whom W.E. O'Neil of California has had a long-standing professional relationship with. Bill Carr Surveys' experience and thoroughness in surveying at the Port of Long Beach is unsurpassed in the survey industry."
-   W.E. O'Neil Construction Co. of California
"We have utilized Bill Carr Surveys for several hundred hours of work over the last two years during which time they have performed precise layout and as-built surveys for the automated guidance systems at the Middle Harbor Project and the Tapac Terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. BCS has also provided excellent office support of theirs and our field operations and has met every timeline presented."
- W.W. Stephenson Co., Inc.







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Bill Carr
Jeff Clark
CEO, Principal Surveyor
Gladys Ung
Crystal Carrillo
Corporate Secretary
Richard Horn
Estimator & Party Chief
Ryan Grandon
Lead Estimator & Party Chief
Daniel Garcia

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Providing Exceptional Survey Services

Bill Carr Surveys, Inc. (BCS) is a Professional Land Survey Service Company providing construction surveying (Professional Measuring) services to the Southern California Construction Industry, specifically on complex development projects such as, port infrastructure construction, marine construction, high-rise construction, large residential construction, and specialty services such as drone and pile driving services.